Acid Test Premium Face Mask


Stay Safe With A Reusable Face Mask!

When entering heavy-traffic places, like public transport or shopping malls, covering your face is a modern necessity, making the Premium Face Mask a must-have accessory.

Protect Yourself In Style!

Handmade in Sonoma, CA, our premium face mask comes in a unique mandala pattern and is crafted to protect you while adding a colorful elegance to your look. Featuring an ergonomic design, it will efficiently cover your nose and chin, while the comfortable ear straps will offer you a convenient and pain-free experience during the day.

  • Effective Filtration – Includes a Filter Slot for Two Free 2.5PM Filters to Protect From Dust, Smog, And Other Air Pollutants
  • Practical And Fashionable Design – 100% Cotton Interior For Better Breathability And Anti Microbial Printed Exterior Made From Recycled Plastic
  • Easily Washable – Cold Wash and Hang Dry
  • Comfortable, Soft Ear Straps
  • Pleated Nose and Chin for Comfortable Fit
  • Not Intended To Replace Medical Products

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