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Guest Artist Application

Attention all Tie Dyers! We are featuring artists of notable talent on our site. We buy tie dye shirts in your style, any style you choose. Each shirt can be original or you can make sets. I am also adding in sweatpants as those are a hot seller right now, but depending on season it could be mixed shirts, tank tops, leggins, etc.

Artists will send in this short application for contact information and portfolio / social pages to be considered. 

Artists are paid per piece, negotiated between $10-16 a shirt and $10-14 for a tank top.  Other garment prices will be determined at that time.

We will ship you shirts with our tags on them, and make you a label to return them. (Dimensions and weight required)

If you want to be featured on our site and make some cash, please fill out this application and we will get back to you! Any questions can be send to 

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