Kyes Dyes

Original tie dye artwork by Kye Jewell who also melts glass from time to time.

My name is Kye, and I love tie dye! Since I was young I have always had an eye for color in all manners of display. I was born to create. My mother picked up on my need to create when I was in grade school. My favorite classes were always art classes, and I loved to learn new ways to create. Since 2015 I have pushed myself to create my own path  outside the norm. I started this new life as a lampworker, staring at the flame for hours while working molten glass into pendants and other little sculptures. I created what I
could for about three years until tie dye walked into my life. 

I love the process, the patience it takes to get to the washout step. That’s my favorite step. It’s the step I get to see what I created for the first time. Before anyone else gets to. to see more work!