Hello my name is Kristen. I have always been into making art as long as I can remember. I started macrame at the age of six. I was fascinated by the beautiful things that could be made from colored threads. I am self taught in that art. Seeing tie dye over the years as I kid in the 90’s also caught my eye. I went to my first festival and they had a tie dye booth! From that day forward I was in love! I soon got the nickname Rainbow Brite as I dyed my hair with UV active dyes my friend brought to VT from CA. (I do not recommend doing it, for I was a child and didn’t know any better) Over the years I’ve adapted both of my loves into one. I dye my own threads for my macrame. I specialize in making GD items. I can’t say I have one particular style in anything I do, I love it all so much I want and need to try it all!