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Sunny's Full Moon Birthday

Lucky were those souls who found themselves walking down Haight Street yesterday afternoon. As they made their way from Ashbury to Masonic, or vice versa, they heard the om-pa-pa of a good old fashioned New Orleans Brass Band blasting out from our humble little store. Upon entering, they discovered this was no ordinary Jazz ensemble. It was the real deal, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band tearing up the shop, marching between aisles of tie dyes, playing to the earth, playing to the sky, and dancing with the shoppers. They played their hearts out, all decked out in custom tie dyes that benjammindyes made for them.

Oh, and there was cake.

"Really," you say, " What on earth is The Dirty Dozen Brass Band doing in a tie dye shop?" Well, They didn't just show up because it was a Full Moon Friday the 13th Mercury in Retrograde, no! They were here to show love and pay tribute to our own Vice President of Awesomeness, Sunshine Powers, on the anniversary of her birth.


Sunshine Powers, the face of our store, The High Priestess of the Glitterbomb, anointing and initiating all who cross her path, regardless of class, race, gender, sanity, or cleanliness. You know her, and you love her, and you wish you were there.
Those of us who were there counted ourselves among the fortunate. Fortunate to be dancing in the middle of a Friday, fortunate to be partying with friends in the middle of our gorgeous store to the amazing music of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and perhaps most of all, fortunate to be alive and sharing our lives with someone as amazing as Sunny. We all watched with delight as she danced with the band in the tie dye dress made special for her.

We love you Sunny, you're more beautiful than rainbows, rarer than unicorns,tastier than lemonade, and brighter than tie dye!

  • April 29, 2016
  • Spencer Kruse
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