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Our Favorite Non-Profits are Having Parties!

Jammin on Haight’s role with our Local Non-Profits…

From a Princess’s point of view.

I guess my/our correlation with the Charities…HealthRight 360, Blue Bear School of Music & Camp Winnarainbow has to do with the things that we, the Family of Jammin of Haight hold near and dear to our hearts and the belief that Jammin is doing what you love and having a great time doing it.

I'll start with HealthRight 360: Healthright 360 includes RockMED, The Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, and Walden House. Benjammin has always been a part of RockMED and will often say they “took him under their wing”. They guided him through the journey of his Grateful Dead tour, embraced his tie-dying skills, and instilled the value of helping one another.

As manager of Jammin on Haight, I deal directly with the homeless population on the street. It is a daily reminder that sometimes the lessons of addiction take a life time to learn. After one particular violent incident I had with a group of street kids, I not only became angry, but determined. I realized that sometimes if we want things to change we have to change our approach. I took to glittering the homeless instead of just kicking them out (works the same) and looked into what local agencies I could could access to help alleviate our problem. I found Walden House and the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, and discovered they also worked with RockMed. Awesome! The Store began donating clothes and I began sending people who were looking for help to Walden House. As our relationship continued, Jammin on Haight was invited to help with the BLACK TIE, TIE DYE Gala happening this May 16th, at the Westin St Francis. We are excited to be working HealthRight 360, and we look forward to this relationship continuing to flourish.

A problem is not something to just toss aside…it is to be fixed and wrapped in rainbows. HealthRight 360’s vision that “Health care is a Right not a Privilege”. Dr David Smith’s belief that addiction is a disease that we need to treat are ideals that we here at Jammin on Haight embrace and only want to encourage in the future. If there is anyway that we as a company can help spread free/affordable healthcare to all in need, and give people a place to turn their life around and walk in a forward direction, we are ready to do it.

Last year, one of our owners, Cole Ricker, had the idea for YOUTH CELEBRATION DAY. He wanted to celebrate the youthful feeling we all have inside; what a wonderful and truly Jammin idea! Wavy Gravy is a natural mascot for this day. He has, and always will be, a true clown and a child at heart. For many years Wavy Gravy has hosted his CAMP WINNARAINBOW in Laytonville CA. A circus camp encouraging children to love themselves, express who they are and encourage others to do what they enjoy. We here at Jammin on Haight can think of no better organization to match our beliefs and to benefit from Youth Celebration Day. On May 31st we celebrate the second annual YOUTH CELEBRATION DAY. We will have the youthful activities of face painting, animal education, bubbles, hopscotch, twister, treasure hunting, and teach all ages how to tie-dye. The day is about having fun, coming together, and helping Camp Winnarainbow. A portion of the proceeds go to support Wavy’s Camp, and throughout the year Jammin on Haight encourages our community to donate to this wonderful Camp. The values that Camp Winnarainbow instills in our next generation are the ones that we, as a community, need to teach the youth of tomorrow. It does take a village to raise a child, and we here at Jammin on Haight stand firm on our commitment to help raise the youth of tomorrow surrounded by rainbows.

Last year after our first YOUTH CElEBRATION DAY, one of our lead Tie-Dyers, Megan Daniel, and I, had the privilege to attend The Blue Bear School of Music yearly benefit at Bimbo’s in San Francisco. As we wandered into venue, The Robert Walter Family Band was funking the place up. As the night proceeded we witnessed an amazing end to this special day. The children and teenagers of the Blue Bear School of Music joined the Robert Randolph Family Band. Some were calm, some were nervous, and one lovely teen read the words of the song from her hand. Their parents lined the front of the stage. One turned to me, grabbed my arm, and said in whispered excitement, “That is my son.” I saw the musicians light up, helping to inspire the kids, and I watched the children find their voice. I felt myself beam with pride. I knew at that moment that our company had to help this school in any way possible. They were teaching these children courage, commitment, and to do what they love doing, which is what Jammin on Haight is all about. Our music loving tribe will be in need of a younger generation playing music when we are old :) This is not only to help them, but to look out for our future selves! The Blue Bear School of Music Benefit this year has been moved to The Chapel in San Francisco, and will feature Jackie Green on May 14th.

One of our mottos here at Jammin on Haight, is TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAMWORK. It is one I keep very close to my heart. If we are truly going to make this dream work, it will not only be by encouraging ourselves, and our company, but everyone as a community. Making this dream work is about accepting everyone, making all feel safe, and free to be themselves. For the dream does not work if one member of the team is left behind.

Links To Non Profits
Walden House and HealthRight360
Camp Winnarainbow

Links To Events
May 14th, 9th Annual Blue Bear Benefit Featuring Jackie Greene
May 16th, 2014 Black Tie and Tie Dye Gala
May 31st, 2nd Annual Youth Celebration Day

  • April 29, 2016
  • Spencer Kruse
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