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Jammin Goes to Peachfest

PeachFest 2014
Montage Mountain, PA

As the sun was setting last Saturday night, Jammin, Mason, and Cosmos the puppy took off in the Jammin Cruiser,destined for Montage Mountain, and the Peach Music. 2,807 miles later, we made it. Cosmos was the ultimate Road Dog, he did an amazing job on his first cross country journey.
Jammin On Haight had two booths at the fest. One was in the waterpark, and featured bikinis, tank tops, and reggae themed tie dyes. Yes, there was a waterpark, complete with slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river. The second booth was in the main amphitheater, with view of the Peach stage. It was much more glamorous and high fashion. We sold a ton of Gypsy Halos, and Warrior Within Onsies. Our fabulous San Francisco festival wear is now all over the east coast, and definitely Jammin!
We were able to provide ambience to the fest with enormous tapestries made by the amazing artists at Jammin on Haight. We lined the fences, decorated a stage, and had cool installations all over the place. Dreamer, the Laser Guru, came along and dazzled the crowds with a laser Steal Your Face around the band. He made peaches, ripples, and too many other wild lazer images to even name.
The Peach Tie Dye that Paulie made turned plenty of heads. Jammin presented it to the promoter, who showed the Allmans. They each got to take one with them. Spreading Color to the world.
Much thanks and love to everyone that made the weekend so special:
Mark; Heather; Craig; Amber and Kenny; Lucky, Panda, and Kristina; John Warner and Nicole; Paulie, J Rock, Zach, Murph, Dan, Megan, Torfi, Viv, Sean, Cole, Cosmos, Jammin, and all the rest of you ;)

Much Love,
Mason Boogie


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