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2nd Annual Bolt Day

It was a day to get a 13 point lighting bolt tattoo! On August 4th, EYE OF THE TIGER TATTOO offered a $20 Grateful Dead Bolt for everybody that showed up.

The Jammin Family is good friends with Salem Ofa, the owner of Eye of the Tiger Tattoo. For the second annual Bolt Day, he invited 3 additional dead head tattoo artists, who were excited to participate. Never before had so many bolts been tattooed in a day, most of the day there was a line. There were hippies happily waiting up to three hours for their ink.

toe boltI got a Jerry Hand with a bolt through it on my back, Donny, the assistant manager, got the bolt with wings under his armpit (his other tattoos and massive amount of skate boarding injuries were the talk of the parlor). Another employee got her first tattoo, a bolt with an eye in it on her leg. Ben & Jeremy got matching bolts on their toes cause they are “bros” like that.

Salem and the other artists said they had never had a day like this. You could see it in their faces. They were thrilled about how wonderful the day went. While I was getting tattooed Salem conversed with the other artists, “This is exactly what I wanted, awesome tattooers who love the Grateful Dead, listening to the Dead and helping people show their love of the Dead!”

The Grateful Dead was more than just a Band, it became a way of life, a “Family.” And sometimes you have to show your love for your family on your skin.

jerry dayIt was a wonderful way to end the Bay Area’s Jerry Weekend. We started with the symphony at the Greek Theatre in Berkley, with Warren Haynes and the Berkley Symphony. (Jammin On did the back drops, read more about it here. Then, on Sunday, the city celebrated with Jerry Day at McClaren Park. Jammin On also did these backdrops.

Three occasions to listen to wonderful music and see your family. It was a chance for us to all come together, and celebrate what we love.

  • April 29, 2016
  • Spencer Kruse
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