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Mr. Tie Dye visits Jammin

mr tie dye jammin

Over the weekend, Mr. Tie Dye came to visit. Carl McClellan is his name. We ran into Carl back in the early days of the internet and his work was incredible even back then. We were myspace friends, we shared tips and tricks, critiqued each other’s work, and talked about the day when we would be able to meet and work together. Over the years, as I worked on building BenJammin Dyes, Carl has been in Hayfork, Oregon, building his Mr. Tie Dye Brand. You can see his work here and at numerous festivals and craft markets throughout Oregon

Anyhow, last friday, it finally happened. Carl drove down to Jammin on Haight in the ever so bold Mr. Tie Dye Van. He hung out for a while, checking out all the awesome tie dye clothing and psychedelic art. He approved (mouth slightly agape) of our tie dye ceiling, the largest single piece he had ever seen. We had to stop him from emptying his wallet, "Carl, you can make your own!" I said. Then, Carl gave me an amazing Lightning Bolt Rolling Stones shirt. Check it out. I'm so stoked to have this shirt. What an amazing gift. 

After that, we rolled up to the studio, and we got down to business. Finally, a collaboration piece. One of the sickest Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Tie Dyes that the world has ever seen. 23 colors, four hands, 30 plus years of combined experience, and a solid afternoon of folding. Practice really pays off. We made this Epic Tie Dye Dragonfly Tapestry together.

mr-tie-dye-jrock-grateful-deadAlso, Carl entered our contest, “The Great American Tie Off”. Please take a look at it, vote for Carl, or whoever else is your favorite. If you are a tie dyer, please enter, and show your stuff off for the rest of the community to enjoy. 

  • April 29, 2016
  • Spencer Kruse
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