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Jammin On the Furthur Bus

Ben 'Jammin' Strebel, owner and master tie dye artist of Jammin On Haight, is proud to announce that Jammin On Haight will be joining the Furthur Bus 50th Anniversary Golden Road Tour this summer.

Benjammin’s tie-dye backdrops and lighting will be featured at several Music Festivals, and Bus Stops around the country. Even more exciting, the Furthur Bus Golden Road Tour's final stop is planned to be at our very own San Francisco Store in the Haight Ashbury District. Check back with us for a more detailed schedule of the bus's route and events in the near future. Jammin on Haight will be your go to spot for Furthur Information, Bus updates, and, of course, tie dyes to wear all up and down the road. Expect a lot of tie dye, smiles and surprise guests. We hope to see you On the Road and On the Bus!


Following is a piece written by Jammin collaborator, Shady Backflash, about the historical significance of the Furthur Bus' 1964 voyage:

Fifty Years Furthur

Fifty years ago today, novelist Ken Kesey and a handful of his Stanford classmates and Palo Alto neighbors took a converted 1939 International Harvester school bus and turned it into a sprawling canvas and the prototypical psychedelic vessel. The name of their vehicle was, alternately, spelled Furthur or Further, depending on which source you referenced, and it was both a destination and a state of mind. "What we hoped was that we could stop the coming end of the world." Ken Kesey later proclaimed, and he was only half joking. In 1963, in the midst of the Cold War, Ken Kesey and his family and friends were in New York for the debut of the Broadway stage production of his bestselling novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. The novel was a massive commercial success and also the recipient of numerous positive reviews. While in New York, they visited the site of the planned 1964 World's Fair. The contrast between Cold War terror and New World optimism was stark.
Read the rest of the article on Shady's Shakedown Gallery Blog Here.
  • April 29, 2016
  • Spencer Kruse
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