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Wavy Gravy at the 3rd Annual Kids Day!

Dated 06/06/2015

Jammin On Haight’s annual fundraiser for Camp Winnarainbow was fun for kids of all ages, and raised $1,000 to donate to the camp. Camp Winnarainbow is a circus and performing arts camp, founded and run by long time rainbow advocate Wavy Gravy. Jammin On Haight offered free barbecue on the corner of Haight & Masonic where our store is located and the chance for kids and big kids alike to make their own tie dye right alongside our very own tie dye masters. The Flavor Brigade Ice Cream Shop was out in full force giving Italian ice, hugs, and smiles. Cynnamon Simonson was delighting everyone with her face painting wizardry.

The Haight district has always been a bustle of activity, and many people come here looking for a taste of those old times. Jammin on Haight delivers that taste served up with an infinite palette of color. Locals, tourists, old timers, and kids all mesh in this historic district that has deep roots that run back to the summer of love and the flourishing San Francisco music scene.

Wavy Gravy’s Camp Winnarainbow offers a wide range of activities and classes that encourage creativity, skills mastery, personal growth and physical development. Friendship building and acceptance are emphasized with the campers while competition is de-emphasized. Healthy sportsmanship is supported during team sports.

We raised $1,000 to donate to the camp and had a great time doing it. Stop on by when you’re in the area and we look forward to seeing you at kid’s day next year!

  • April 26, 2016
  • Spencer Kruse
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